Assertiveness is a subject that regularly comes up with my coaching clients.
Assertiveness reflects a person’s expression of their genuine feelings, yet many
people find it a challenge to stand up for themselves and their legitimate
rights. There is no doubt however that many of us need to learn or improve on
our assertiveness. Doing this will help us control our communication with
others, prevent conflict, and protect us from aggressive communicators.

Below are some quick tips I have offered to
clients in the past
Be direct, clear and precise in your communication
Be firm, but warm
Don’t be afraid to make requests

Set boundaries
Stick to the facts
Use strong verbal and body language
Be willing to get out of your comfort zone
Learn attributes of assertive role models

Stay objective and listen to the other person

Ensure that people others have listened by asking them to repeat what they hear

Remember assertiveness will increase your personal
and professional effectiveness as you communicate more efficiently with

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