Leadership coaching

Leadership by example is important in coaching. A coaching leader loses credibility when they cannot practice what they preach. This means that a coaching leader should be well organised, highly competent in their field, communicate openly and encourage feedback, and has a clear idea of the organisation’s vision-mission-goals. By vicarious and purposeful learning, members catch the same good practices and attitudes Read more about Leadership coaching[…]

How to be a lifelong learner

In order to create an engaged team or workforce, you must be willing to become a lifelong learner. You should: Open your mind Be open to new ideas and people. It is through new experiences that you build and nurture innovation. Create a diverse team where collaboration is encouraged. Listen Be willing to listen to your team. Every idea Read more about How to be a lifelong learner[…]

A Mobile Self improvement Plan

Today, more than any other time, we have the power to make great changes and improve our lives One of the most effective learning tools available is audio programmes. In our fast paced world, finding time to read can be difficult. But it is easy to use otherwise wasted commuting and travelling time productively. You Read more about A Mobile Self improvement Plan[…]

Coaching as a powerful team management tool (Part 2)

Coaching promotes individual and team excellence. Excellence is a product of habitual good practice. The regularity of meetings and constructive feedback is important in establishing habits. Members catch the habit of constantly assessing themselves for their strengths and areas for improvement that they themselves perceive what knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to acquire to Read more about Coaching as a powerful team management tool (Part 2)[…]

Coaching as a powerful team management tool (Part 1)

Coaching is one of the six emotional leadership styles proposed by Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence. It is a behaviour or role that leaders enforce in the context of situational leadership. As a leadership style, coaching is used when the members of a group or team are competent and motivated, but do not have Read more about Coaching as a powerful team management tool (Part 1)[…]

Improve your communication

Listen It’s just as important as asking questions. Sometimes listening to the sound of our own voice can help us be a bit more confident and to say the things we believe in with conviction. Ask Sometimes we slur our words, stutter, and even mispronounce certain words even though we know what it means. So in a group, Read more about Improve your communication[…]

Strong Leaders Are Lifetime Students

Entrepreneurial leaders do not have a mindset that adapts to failure.  In fact, when things go wrong, entrepreneurs don’t call them “failures” they call them “glitches, mistakes, or setbacks” approaching the decision-making process knowing there’s a strong likelihood that it could go wrong. This doesn’t dissuade them – to the contrary they just do the best they Read more about Strong Leaders Are Lifetime Students[…]