Getting things done


A few tips on on getting things done

Change the way you view the task

We are more likely to procrastinate if we feel that an action is unpleasant or difficult. For example some people have an aversion to paperwork that is almost a medical condition! Often these tasks are compulsory, but some can be done away with once you examine their validity; some can be delegated or others even automated. The key is to not think the task is unpleasant, but instead to consider creative ways to complete them.

Review the task

Is this task really something you need to be doing? If the answer is yes, refer to number one, change the way you view it and apply creative solutions. What if the answer is no? Perhaps you have left this task so long, it is no longer valid: it no longer fits into your overall objectives or it no longer serves your goals. Review the task so you don’t spend any longer procrastinating on it!

Re-frame your words

Our words are powerful carriers of our intention and can also determine our results. ‘I hate paperwork!’ ‘I should go on a diet!’ ‘I ought to make that
call’. These statements are limiting, words such as ought, should, must, carry negative connotations. Instead use positive and proactive words which will energise and propel you to action.

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