Just do it

We have been talking a lot about procrastination lately; below are two quick points to help blast through to achieve your goals

Plan for action

You have a task, you are ready to tackle it, but you are stuck and you don’t seem to be able to proceed. Think practicality; what does your workspace look like? Just as we need to clear clutter in our minds so we need to clear our work area. Now some people insist that they can only work within chaos, but for the majority of us there is nothing as liberating as a clear space!

Do it!

Don’t wait until you feel like it, just do it! Easier said than done? Not really. All it takes is practice and determination. The more we get on with the task, the less procrastination has a hold on us. We are more confident, we feel increasingly energised and the results are amazing! Go on, do it now.

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