April 9, 2014


What is mentoring?



  • an experienced and trusted adviser:
  • an experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels new employees or students:

Mentoring, similar to coaching is a powerful personal development tool that seeks to help people develop skills, improve performance and maximize potential. Mentoring provides a holistic approach to support the mentee in achieving overall success in personal, professional or business life.

Bukky Olaleye is an Executive Coach and Business Mentor  who has worked with a number of business owners as coach and mentor.

Having served as a business mentor with the Princes Trust, she was also an Executive Coach on the NWDA Mentoring Program. As a mentor she has worked with business owners in a variety of industries including Consultancy, Building and Construction, Fire Protection Services, Healthcare, Beauty, Childcare and Education, Event Management, Design, Lifestyle and Pharmaceuticals. Each business owner’s needs are unique, not just within the company, but also because of challenges they may experience as parents, women, young people. She continues to mentor young people in her community, particularly recent graduates who are preparing to start their careers.