How many of us are spending the last couple of days in the year thinking about and listing our New Year resolutions? Our top New Year resolutions are often around issues such as exercise, money management, weight loss, debt reduction and stopping a habit such as smoking. All these goals are about looking forward to making a change to something we are not happy about

There are statistics to show that many people give up after the first few days or weeks. Not reaching our goals could be due to a variety of
different factors, e.g. setting unrealistic time frames, not having sufficient support, and not owning the goal. However this year, to improve your chances, here is an important key to success.

Don’t look at reaching your goals as just changing what you are not happy about. Acknowledge that the present circumstances are ineffective,
unproductive or not serving you well; but feel happy today. Feel happy today that you have made the decision to create a better year for you and those around you, feel happy today that you are capable of putting a plan in place to achieve your goals, feel happy today that by the end of next year, you can look back and see how well you have done.

When you feel happy today, you go into the New Year with a purposeful and powerful mindset which makes you more likely to succeed.

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