John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward teaches us how to look at life’s setback and learn from our mistakes. Failures are only as bad as we perceive them to be. What amazing life have you imagined living yet haven’t for fear of failing?

One way to ensure we achieve the amazing life of our imagination is to engage and stay engaged in the process of setting and striving for worthwhile goals. When we set, and emotionally engage with positive goals that challenge us and stretch us we perform at the top of our game, and we create the preconditions for our energies to flow more powerfully and that fact alone energises and focuses our non conscious mind towards achievement.

So, accepting that we have all ‘failed’ at some point in life we should not adopt a failure mentality. The first rule for turning things around and attaining success is to be clear about our goals, and the specific things we are working on right now. In fact, it might be helpful to complete the following checklist and to take action on it:

Are your goals committed to writing? Are your personal and professional goals positive; that is based on moving towards pleasure or away from pain? Do you have clear personal rewards tied to your goals? Are those rewards non-negotiable? Have you surrounded yourself with images of your reward? Have you shared your goals and rewards with your inner circle? What are you going to do?

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