Success system


Wouldn’t it be great if success could be reduced to one simple formula? Well,
many believe it can and so do I. Obviously the definition of success is
relative; but essentially, for every one of us achieving a desired and worthy
goal is an important endeavour.

I was thinking about this recently as I listened to one of my audio books, The
Success System that Never Fails by W Clement Stone. I thought I would share some
of the principles with you. Perhaps you too can apply his ‘system’ to your
personal, professional and business goals.

One of the the many examples of the rags to riches story in America is that of W
Clement Stone. In his autobiography we learn how he started his business life
while still a boy, selling newspapers in Chicago. He started young but displayed
true determination in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

W Clement Stone was different in his approach: he sold in restaurants unlike the
other boys who sold newspapers in street corners. He went on to use his novel
approach to business selling insurance successfully for many years.

So what did his life experience reveal? That success can be reduced to the
following formula:

Inspiration to Action
Know How
Activity knowledge

Motivation is a crucial step in making and reaching your goals. Although making
a quality decision or commitment to action is more likely to keep you on course.
Although motivation or ‘inspiration’ can be fleeting and
dependent on feelings, success does begin with desire.

Know how is developing a technique or system and properly applying them to get consistent results. It has to do with gathering information and using it to inform your actions. Stone talks in his book about how after successfully selling three papers, he went repeatedly into the restaurants despite being thrown out several times. It had been done so he knew it
could be done again.

Activity knowledge is knowing and developing the skills (e.g in career and business) or other activities that you are particularly concerned with, and then engaging in them.

I suppose you could sum it up into these three ideas: desire it, learn about it,
and do it!

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