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Self knowledge

“Self reverence, self knowledge, self control. These three alone lead life to sovereign power.” Lord Tennyson

You own your life! What a revelation.

Knowing that you are responsible for your life is good news! This is the greatest tool you possess. Whatever is good you can celebrate; whatever you are not happy about, you can change.

What is your life like? Do you enjoy it? Is it close to the ideal? If not, how far away are you? What is the life circumstance  you don’t like? The goal here is to use your knowledge to make things happen the way you want them to. If you understand why you always seem to quit before you achieve what you want, you can change the pattern. You can identify the triggers and then apply the remedy.

Real change in behaviour requires a transformation of the heart, which is your core. You have to become different not just act differently

Lasting change is really an inside job.

Excerpt from Plan Your Life