Work from home

work from home

Tremendous advancement in technology means that our ability to work effectively from home is greatly increased. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to working from home. I should know. I have worked at home and in the corporate office setting as well, so I have first hand experience of both.

When I started off in business, a business adviser described my business was a ‘portmanteau’ business, which meant I could carry it along with me everywhere. I quite liked the idea and for a long time, I did work from home. Then I got the yearning for conversations with other people on a more regular basis than I was getting at home. That was not the only reason for taking an office, there were other attractions including use of a board room for my ongoing seminars and workshops.

Whichever one you decide upon, here are some things that will help any business work successfully from home. Act as though you are not at home This seems like an obvious thing to say, but sometimes when working from home, we can dress, act, talk and therefore conduct business as though we were still in bed. The myth of a ‘pyjamas entrepreneur’ is just that, a myth. It is important to come across to our clients as professional Set clear goals for each day. It is easy to be distracted when there are pieces of extremely comfortable furniture around.

Aim to have realistic goals each day for your business. This will keep you focused and on task. Also use your goals to determine what you will be doing in the next week, month or year You could employ yourself to carry out those all important tasks. Some people prefer to free up their time and hire someone else.

Whichever the case, proper administration could mean difference to a successful business, ensure they are done, and well.

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